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Of Riceballs and Strawberry Glasses

Do I dare, disturb the Universe?

7 February 1988
I'm currently on a homework break, so how about I write a proper introduction (even if I hate describing myself?) My name is Marie, I'm 20 years old, I live in Quebec and I'm a student in English Language and Literature. This being said, literature is my passion and I would like to teach literature at university, focusing on Anglo-Saxon, the Middle-Ages and Tolkien.
I'm pretty random, I'm obsessed with chocolate and I love pre-raphaelite art, symphonic and viking metal, Beowulf nd epic poetry. I have an intense dislike for the mainstream, so I like to think differently and be original and I'm looking for this in people also.
Now what else to write? (I'm really bad at this...)I'm also newly into paganism.
Anyway if I sound somewhat intreesting to you, feel free to send me a message, comment or whatever, I love getting messages! :)
Nightwish is love!