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New lj account!

Just telling you all that I won't be using this account anymore and if you want to find me, add arya_moonchild I'll try to post here every so often (the blog and profile are still under modification), but with the hectic uni life, I don't know how often that will be. Anyway, I'll skim through my current friends list and add those I actually want to keep in touch with. Oh and note to my penpals, I haven't forgotten you, I'm just unable to write at the moment. I don't think it's even possible for me during the semester :( But as soon as I'll be free, you'll all be getting big fat letter I promise! :)

Moving my blog to Myspace!

 I decided to move my blog to my myspace page, which is here: http://www.myspace.com/linwetari So I'll be posting all rants and poetry there. Should anyone care to add me, go right ahead. :)
I'll still be around lj though and post some random videos once in a while and check communities. :)

That looks like me in the morning...

Maybe we could start a yawn club like that at work while we're waiting for out sheets... :P

Orbs in pictures, what do you guys think?

This morning I was checking random stuff on myspace and I came upon a profile focusing on the paranormal. Of course, it had it's load of very probably fake stuff and "my-house-is-haunted" videos, but then I came upon pictures of Orbs. For those who don't know, Orbs are white or blue circles you sometimes get in pictures. Anyway people into paranormal stuff claim it's spirit energy or whatever. What attracted my attention to orbs, is that I had seen those before, not in probably photoshoped pictures claiming to be paranormal, but on my own pictures taken in very creepy places for an orb to appear.

In my fourth year of high school I went to a field trip to Grosse Ile with my History class. (Grosse Ile is where the Irish who emigrated to Canada in the 19th century were isolated because of cholera and typhus) During this trip, I took tons of pictures about everywhere the group went and I caught some of these orbs. Spookily enough, they weren't in random locations, but only in places where it was known that people died.

When I came back from work this afternoon, I did a little research on orbs and found a variety of theories, both paranormal and perfectly scientific. The scientific views claim that they are dust particles, that a bug was in the camera lens or that it's simply the effect of the flash and of lightning. During my trip I caught 2 Orb pictures and I have to say I'm dubious of both the paranormal and scientific explanations. So here<s the background for each pictures (unfortunately, they were taken with a disposable camera -so I can't upload them here, and stayed at my parents')

My first spotty picture was taken in the Red Room, which was the room in which the patients of small pox where treated. (It was red to ease the patients' sensibility to light). Anyway when I developped my picture, it was full of white spots, some flashier than others. On the top of the picture, there is some extremely bright one that is my flash. Good. One point for science. But what of all the other spots surrounding my picture? Dust, yeah that can be possible, but why did I get spots on picture 2, which was taken in a normal day light place with nothing overwhelmingly dusty? Moving on to my camera. Yeah, it was disposable, not the best picture taking tool, I confess. That's where google comes to the rescue. Pictures taken inside the red room are very difficult to find on the net trust me. I managed to find two. One was photoshoped to make a ghost appear in the picture so that's stupid, but another was taken without photoshop involvement and surprisingly enough it is (almost) just as spotty as mine: ... 

When I took my picture I was standing at the front of the room and the very bright one on the wall is the same kind of dot I blame my flash for. And these spots are the same (In fact, even in the photoshoped pic, there were spots too). So do we all have extremely bad cameras? I admit that it could be dust particules, but I'm still suspicious because of the flashy one on the wall, which appears in both our pictures.

My next spotty picture was taken near an ambulance, where they took dead people!. The environment of the picture was quite clear (day light). And the spots don't appear randomly as in the red room one. Guess where? Mostly in the seat of the driver! A dusty coincidence or something more?

Anyone else had Orb experiences??

Science or Inexplicable??

I'm curious...


Some Random Quizzes!...and stuff

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Time for an update!

 I'm off today! And tomorrow too! Which is good because work yesterday was absolute Mordor... I wonder if it's that humid in Mordor... probably because somewhere in RotK, Sam and Frodo were always thirsty... I wonder if it was always humid near Mount Doom, because with the fire and all the heat must have been dryer... and yes I'll stop. :P So humidity here is carzy, welcome to summer in Quebec. My hair is giving me a hard time and I had to get a anti-fuzzy spray.

And I got a bunch of letters friday! One from


 (kawaiiiiiii!!!!!:D) and two from others I met on a penpalling site. So at the end of the week I'll go shopping for stationary and cute stuff, because I'm out of absolutely everything and I'll start replying to everyone then. :)

This morning I cleaned my room. This is an historical event for someone as messy as me. :P And I also into a minor panic because my parents are coming this saturday evening and I never want to clean when I get back from work (hey after 6 to 9 hours of cleaning, who wants to clean more anyway?!). I'm doing this because when things aren't orderly enough, they replace everything and I have to look for my stuff for ages.

I think I'll go to the library this afternoon. Of course, I could read at home, but I think they have air conditionning at the library...shiny. :P And I want to avoid melting.

The situation with my best friend hasn't really changed. I talk to her less and less. I think the bond will be cut naturally without me doing anything. And in a sense that's good, because even though I wanted to end it, I wouldn't have known how to say it. You know it's kind of hard after three years of pretty close friendship to come and say that it's not working anymore, even if it's true. I need new people in my life.

I'm hungry... this feels like a time for ice cream. :P




Noooooooooo!!! Got a sudden keyboard problem that caused me to erase all my entry. :( :( Bose!!!!

So what was I saying?

The situation with my best friend: it's not working anymore, and I don't know what to do. We've always been different, but we managed to get along because our personalities somewhat matched. Then we went off to university -different ones- and I don't know what happened, we both went through extreme changes. I became firmer on my beliefs (moving out of my parents, I realized I was an adult and therefore allowed to have values of my own even if it didn't march theirs) and she has become everything I'm against. Those of you who know me know how I hate superficiality and everything that goes into the realm of what I call pinkiness. And that's just the beginning of it I don't want to get into the whole thing. But here's the picture: can one really be friends with someone that has completely opposed values? Is it completely insane for me to think that it might be time to end it?

I don't want to make the same mistake twice. Once I ended a friendship for the wrong reasons, made sure there was no coming back once I did and now I regret it. But was that different? When I did that, I was all emo and depressed (and a bit immature), couldn't take what I was feeling and went out the easy way. So what is different now? I'm not emo and depressed first off and there are no feelings involved, I just feel very logically that this is not working. And I think I need to be with people more like me now. Still, I'm confused. We've been friends for a long time, we did share some good moments, but now...

Advice anyone???


This is creepy...

 On my yahoo page this morning, there was the news of a Harry Potter actor who has been stabbed to death. It's Rob Knox, who was playing Marcus Belby in the upcoming movie. Here's the link for those of you who are interested : http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/afp/080526/world/britain_crime_film_potter
But that's not what so creepy (even if I am quite shocked). Here's the deal: I dreamed of Harry Potter related stabbing last night. There was this boy (and I was "in" him) and for some reason I thought of the Harry Potter movies in the dream, like I knew this guy was part of the movies. Anyway, in the dream, he was stabbed twice and I pretty much knew this was lethal... In fact he/I was pretty close to death when I woke up. And the night before, I dreamed my soul was being sucked by Dementors. (Ok that was completely unrelated). But for the stabbing one: coincidence? Creepiness?


 Work has been lousy all week. It's very funny to see us all bored together during lunch time (which gets more and more extended due to the lack of work. But tomorrow it's supposed to get back to normal, so I guess we'll see how ugly it gets. :P Really this job is all about the extremes. One day you wouldn't believe the mess and the other you only have a few hours' worth of work. But the upside of all this is that I'm slowly remembering that I'm a (crazy) Tolkien fan! I had put this a bit aside because of the manga/ anime craze I had these last few months, but it so happens that I'v exceeded my download limit for the month (damn you Naruto) so I find myself quite animeless for the next week. But it's ok since I have letters to write and I'll probably finish reading Sepulchre during the next few days. Kind of Davinci Codish and it has a few cliches, but still it's a great summer read! :) And when I'm done with that either I'll get another book or I'll continue (re) reading LotR. And I still have to order To Ride a Silver Broomstick too.
Ooooh, we have sun outside!! Maybe I'll go foer a bit of outdoor reading. :)


Taken from [info]lily_enelya:

1) Your name: Marie-Helene

Marie --> A French variation of Mary. Also, the name for that irresistibly mysterious girl whom you see around often, yet know nothing about.

The French call her Marie, but I would call her absolutely divine. 

Helene (couldn't find it, but here's what I got for Helen)-->  1) the fear of bananas.  2)
a woman that resembles a cross between miss truntchbull and a hippo. very unpleasant and generally hated by everyone. 3) Person who bitches continuously without considering feelings of others. Flirts with almost every guy she comes into contact with and is controlling of every friend. 

Aside note: I knew there was a reason for hating my second name and never using it!!

2) Nickname: Linwe

1)Totally pimped
3)Two nuts that sprout a third
4)All the guys want it
5)So sexy it burns 

My poor elvish name massacred!!! Let's try:

Tari: ... undefined

3) Single/Married/Divorced: Celibate

1)1.Unmarried or will not have sex for religeous reasons
2.Can be used as an insult 

2) To go without sex, either willingly or not. Reasons include personal, religious, social, or bad luck. Only cure for a celibate individual is a slut or large amounts of alcohol to make the celibate person forget the aforementioned reasons. 

3)Contrary to what people believe, celibacy is not the act of not having sex, it is the act of refraining from MARRIAGE. Chastity is the act of refraining from sex. Priests take a vow of CHASTITY not CELIBACY

4) One of your friends? Cindy

1)Often used to describe a girl who is amazingly cute. Usually innocent and smart as well. 
2)a )To shoplift or steal.
b) To steal an overpriced item from a chain-store as a passive aggressive way of "sticking it to the man" 
3)A female whose I.Q. is generally matched with that of her shoe size, or smaller. Someone who is not overly bright. A couple of light bulbs short of a Christmas Tree.

5) What Should You Be Doing? working
A worldwide slave labour organisation used to control modern man and prevent independant thought from occuring in any form. This is the reason it's much harder to make anything of yourself working in creative arts, such as acting and singing - the government sees anyone more popular than them as a threat to their power. It is also an ingenious creation to make placebos such as computers and photocopiers look important to our way of life. Some may argue that the workplace is desigend to build character and learn about teamwork...others prefer to think of it as the perfect place to practise your aiming skills as you throw ball after ball of scrunched up paper into the bin in the corner, then make a little competition out of it with fellow colleagues.

6) Favorite Food/Place to Eat? pasta
One of the most good, healthy, handy, inexpansive food ever.

7) Home Town?  I live in Quebec city:
1) a beautiful province

2) a home to a population widely consisting of people of french descendance.

3) Just because we are proud of our french heritage, does not mean we are snobby assholes. honest, we'll give you beer and poutine.

4) we have language laws, which say that each sign must at least CONTAIN french, but we don't say they have to BE french.

5) bordered by the canadian provinces Ontario and Nawfoundland & Labrador and New Brunswick, and The American States of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, New Hampshire and New England.
1)ASTI! The forests are beautiful in Quebec.

2)Quebec, was originally called Nouvelle France, and contained Seigneurs and Habitants, thus the former name of the montreal canadians the "habitants" and their current nickname the "habs"

3)Poutine was invented in Quebec, and if you tell everyone beer was too, we'll give you a free one.

4) L'AUTRE PORTE S.V.P - please use the other door.

5) Quebequer: "Caliss! i will drive to Minnesota!!"
Other Quebequer: "Why? your no legal drinking age there!"
Quebequer: "TABARNAK!!" 

.... But I was born in Halifax:
The most Beautiful City in Eastern Canada. Life slows down once you step off of the aircraft. Lots of friendly people who hold the door open for you. No shopping on Sunday's. Also the Bars close at 4 am!!!

8) Word to describe yourself?  wierd
1) Out of the ordinary

2) Unconventional

9) Where did you go today? Well since it's exactly 6:34 in the morning and didn't have time go anywhere yet, I'll just say, for fun: Middle-earth!

Ok didn't find a definition, but look at whatr they give for LotR :D : 1) The best work of literary art ever created divided into three books each of which is subdivided into two books. A must–read for any human. 


Now I'm off to work! It would be fun if people posted their answers too!